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Genetic Foot Problems
Genetic foot problems range from collapsed arches, commonly called "flat feet," to bunions.

These problems can be unsightly, interfere with your ability to exercise or wear your favorite shoes, and even make everyday movement painful. Not only that, the genetic nature of your foot problems means your children may suffer, too.

Nobody wants to leave a legacy of foot pain. It,s hard to say which is worse - having a genetic foot problem or knowing you passed down that problem to your kids.

Make Northern Foot & Ankle your first resort for genetic foot problems like bunions. Our board-certified podiatrists can:
  • Diagnose and treat bunions and other genetic foot problems in children and adults
  • Treat your child's bunions without surgery
  • Supply orthotics or orthopedic shoes
  • Conduct foot examinations and provide personalized treatment recommendations
Call Northern Foot & Ankle today and set an appointment with one of our board-certified podiatrists to have your feet (or your child's feet) examined and treated. Your feet don't have to hurt.

Our ASPS board-certified podiatrists:

Dr. Stacy Nipp, D.P.M.
Dr. Robert Nipp, D.P.M.
Dr. Curt Kristensen, D.P.M.

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