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Achilles Pain

The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the human body and can withstand forces of 1,000 pounds or more. It also is the most frequently ruptured tendon, usually as a result of a sports injury.

Both professional and weekend athletes may suffer from Achilles tendonitis, a common overuse injury which causes inflammation of the tendon.

Causes and Symptoms of Achilles Pain

Achilles pain spans a range of symptoms from slight tenderness along the Achilles tendon to a sharp burning pain on the back of the heel right where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel bone.

Achilles pain is usually caused by excessive or unbalanced tension in the Achilles tendon which causes micro tears at the attachment to the heel bone. This can be due to a muscle imbalance (shortening of the calf muscle) or hyperpronation (fallen arches and ankles rolling in). Hyperpronation causes the heel to lean in which typically causes increased tension on the inside attachment. Achilles pain may also be caused by the heel counter of your shoes rubbing against the tendon or tendon attachment area.

There are many options available to treat your Achilles tendonitis.

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