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Fitness & Foot Care

There’s no denying regular exercise and leading an active lifestyle are an important part of staying healthy.

But if you don’t practice “foot-smart fitness,” exercise can cause you to suffer painful foot problems – from blisters, heel pain and stress fractures to sprains and plantar fasciitis.

What causes foot problems?

With regard to fitness, you can run into foot trouble if:

  • You work out on harsh surfaces like asphalt or concrete
  • You wear unsupportive or improperly fitted shoes
  • You overexercise
  • You perform exercises or movements incorrectly
  • You suffer from a condition like neuropathy or PAD (peripheral arterial disease) (both common in people with diabetes) that impairs sensation and/or the body’s ability to heal

Practice foot-smart fitness starting today to stay pain-free and achieve your peak performance.

At Northern Foot & Ankle, we can

  • Diagnose and treat foot pain
  • Provide personalized expert recommendations to keep your feet healthy and pain-free when you begin or change your exercise program
  • Fit you with orthotics or orthopedic shoes

Are you a fitness fanatic? Do you plan to start exercising soon? Call Northern Foot & Ankle today and set an appointment with one of our board-certified podiatrists to have your feet examined and treated. Your feet don’t have to hurt.

Recommendations for Foot-Smart Fitness

Consult a doctor before beginning or changing your exercise program.

Get expert guidance to ensure you are performing movements correctly.

Get expertly fitted, supportive shoes designed for your preferred fitness activity.

Follow your doctor’s recommendations for what constitutes a healthy level of exercise for you.