Northern Foot & Ankle Associates

Diabetic Foot Care

Without proper care, diabetes can pose a health hazard to your feet and seriously impact your life.

People with diabetes are prone to neuropathy, poor circulation, thick calluses, changes in foot shape, and a condition called PAD (peripheral arterial disease).

If you suffer from diabetes, you are at an increased risk of foot pain, weakness, numbness, impaired healing, ulcers, and complications necessitating foot or leg amputation. If you have a foot ulcer – even a very small one – seek medical attention immediately.

Care for your Feet

Preventing or treating serious foot problems and ensuring healthy, pain-free feet starts with a visit to Northern Foot & Ankle. Our board-certified podiatrists are experts in caring for the feet of people with diabetes. We can:

  • Trim calluses, corns and toenails
  • Supply orthotics or orthopedic shoes to accommodate foot shape changes and support weak feet
  • Provide personalized treatment recommendations to minimize your risk of complications
  • Conduct your annual diabetic foot evaluation

Call Northern Foot & Ankle today and set an appointment with one of our board-certified podiatrists to have your diabetic feet examined and treated. Your feet don’t have to hurt.

Recommendations for Healthy Diabetic Feet

Get regular exercise. (Consult your doctor before beginning or altering your exercise program.)

Get an annual foot evaluation by a qualified medical professional.

Seek assistance immediately for ulcers or any other foot irregularities.

Wear properly fitted shoes.

Keep your feet clean, dry and moisturized. Keep toenails trimmed.

Use a pumice stone on calluses to prevent major callus buildup.

With a doctor’s guidance, maintain cholesterol and blood pressure at healthy levels.

Refrain from smoking.