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Foot tendonitis is a common condition among hard working people and athletes. Generally, foot tendonitis is caused by overuse and/or injury. In most cases the tendonitis develops as a result of initial strain, minor degeneration and a rupture of the tendon.

Tendon inflammation is a secondary reaction.

The following scenarios are likely to cause foot tendonitis:

  • Running or walking up and down steep hills
  • Activities on uneven ground
  • Standing for long periods without rest
  • Old age (tendons become brittle with age)
  • Wearing the incorrect footwear during exercise or activity
  • Flat foot types

Symptoms of foot tendonitis include pain, swelling of the foot, a “hot” feeling, pain at night and stiffness of the foot and ankle. It’s likely that a person with foot tendonitis will have a “stabbing like” pain in the arch of their foot, especially when standing on their toes.

There are many options available to relieve the pain and stiffness associated with tendonitis.

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