Northern Foot & Ankle Associates

When to call a doctor

4 out of 5 adults suffer from foot pain yet your feet don’t have to hurt. If you are suffering with foot, ankle or leg pain, it may be time to contact Northern Foot & Ankle Associates to schedule a consultation.

If you are experiencing any of the following, we encourage you to make an appointment as soon as possible.
If you experienced trauma of the foot or ankle
If you are experiencing numbness or tingling in your feet
Inability to wear shoes due to pain from foot deformity
If you are unable to trim your toenails, calluses or corns
If you are diabetic and have not had your annual diabetic foot evaluation
If you have a non-healing or infected open sore
If you have any unexplained lumps, bumps, or growths
If you are interested in or need custom orthotics / arch supports
If you want an evaluation and treatment suggestions for any foot or ankle condition